To upskill and empower 250,000 socially marginalized students from low-income families and rural communities by providing affordable technology to reduce digital exclusion


Digital exposure for teachers living in rural communities as a means of bridging the 300,000 deficiency in the numbers of teachers in Nigeria. Our target is to upskill and empower over 50,000 teachers.


Building a digital workforce of 1 million graduates over the next five years. Targeted solely at reducing unemployment and improving Nigeria’s digital economy.

Welcome to

BATDI Initiative

BATDI is a social impact initiative created by Imperial EdTech to seal the technology gap between spheres in Africa in order to create a leveling playing field for our professionals, youths and students in the global space.

Technology is constantly evolving, and as more existing technologies are stacked onto each other and developed into something greater, consumers and businesses alike can expect to see more opportunity with future technology.

Aims of
BATDI Initiative

One of the sole purposes of creating this initiative is to drive social and economic impact. Additionally, this initiative was created with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in mind.

We are on a Mission

To Make Innovation Happen.

Beneficiaries for BATDI Work

Job Seekers

72,000 job seekers will be engaged


40,000 Corps members will participate in the program.


Over 40,000 digital entrepreneurs will be empowered in this scheme.

Our Partners